Happy plants eat chocolate

Jan 07 , 2019

Annette Muller

Happy plants eat chocolate

Things you didn't know about cacao compost:

  • It makes your soil and plants healthier with strong roots
  • It's safe to use!
  • It has a pleasant chocolate fragrance
  • It's free from any weed seeds, pathogens or residual antibiotics.
  • It can be applied on any type of soil and plants
  • It slowly releases macronutrients and micronutrients vital for plants to grow
  • It stimulates root growth, water storage and biological activity

Studies show adding compost to soil can increase cation exchange capacity by 300% or more. The availability of micronutrients to growing plants depends upon soil pH levels and organic matter content. 'If the soil pH decreases, the availability of most micronutrients increases (more acidic); If the soil pH increases (more alkaline) the availability of micronutrients decreases'.

All this means, Cacao Compost will give your garden the nutrients it needs and it will love you for it!

WARNING: Cacao compost may contain relatively high levels of theobromine. If consumed by dogs it may be fatal.