Local chocolate maker, 17Rocks Chocolates, wins GOLD at Artisan Chocolate Awards in San Francisco

Early October 2020 Top Chocolate Bar Awards 2020 at Artisan Chocolate Awards in San Francisco announced the winners for its annual best chocolate bar competition.


17 Rocks Chocolate is excited to announce that we won GOLD for our 85% Dark Chocolate Bar. The competition, judged by national and regional magazines, newspaper and blog editors, topic experts, local chefs, and food gurus, ranks chocolate bars under a handful of categories. 17Rocks Chocolate was lucky enough to be the only chocolate maker awarded Gold in the ‘Best Dark Chocolate Bar’ category for our 85% Dark Chocolate Bar and awarded Bronze in the ‘Best Milk Chocolate Bar’ for our 45% Milk Chocolate Bar. We are incredibly pleased with the results of this year's competition and to receive recognition for the dedication and hard work of our team. There are not very many bean to bar chocolate makers in Australia given the extra complexity and difficulty of this manufacturing process so it is very rewarding to be recognised against large chocolate makers worldwide is truly amazing.


About 17 Rocks Chocolate

17Rocks Chocolate is a small Brisbane-based chocolate factory who specialise in pure, healthy chocolate. We source our beans from our PNG neighbours (because they’re the best) and refine them into chocolate using a minimal-change method to ensure they retain as many nutrients as possible. We mainly use between two to three ingredients per chocolate bar, with no emulsifiers or substitutions that most chocolate makers include - offering the purest chocolate experience available. We’re family owned and operated, and since starting in early 2018, have been working hard to provide the Brisbane community with a truly unique chocolate experience.