Chocolate bars

Chocolate bars


PNG Single Origin Chocolates

17 Rocks chocolate factory is Brisbane's first single origin, bean to bar chocolate manufacturer. All our cocoa beans originate from the fertile volcanic valleys of the Papua New Guinea highlands, which gives our chocolate its unique and delicious fruity taste.


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Many people may not realise that most chocolate commonly found on the supermarket shelf is mass-produced in large factories from a wide mix of cocoa beans from multiple origins. This makes it easy to produce a consistent product, but also dumbs-down the flavour. This means that artificial flavours need to be added to the chocolate to improve its taste.

Discerning chocolate lovers appreciate the pure chocolate experience like a fine wine, where a single origin chocolate contains all the flavour fragrances and nuances of a particular cocoa-growing region, instead of the artificially added flavours of the bulk manufacturer.

17 Rocks is a family-owned business with an eco-conscious team of chocolate lovers who are zealous about making healthy, delicious chocolate. We focus on retaining the flavour and nutritional value of the single origin cacao bean. All our products are made solely in our factory and our flavours are based on natural wholefoods such as freeze dried fruitsand natural spices. We have an extensive range of chocolates to suit everyone's dietary needs - sugar-free, dairy free, dark, milk, and whitechocolates. All our fine, bean to bar chocolates are gluten free. All our dark chocolates are dairy free.

We make our chocolate from cacao beans that we source from our pacific neigbours in PNG. We roast our beans at a low temperature to minimise any chemical and physical changes to the beans whilst reducing the concentration of volatile acids ie bitterness.

We do not substitute our ingredients or use any artificial preservatives or additives. Our additives come from wholefoods such as spices and real fruit. That way we can limit how much sugar we use without compromising on flavour.

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