Dairy Free Chocolates

Dairy Free Chocolates


Dairy Free Chocolates Australia

Enjoy the true taste of pure chocolate as a delicious smooth and creamy block of chocolate or as the perfect hot chocolate with 17 Rocks dark chocolates that are 100% dairy free.

Whether it’s for allergy reasons or personal dietary preferences, dairy free chocolate is becoming more and more popular as an alternative to traditional milk chocolate products. But true dairy free chocolate can be hard to find. Most chocolate confectionery contains some kind of dairy product such as milk powder or anhydrous milk fat (AMF) to soften the flavour and lower the viscosity making it easier for large factories to mass-produce chocolate.

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By definition, true dark chocolate should not contain any dairy products. This is not always the case as dark chocolates may still contain milk.

At Rocks Chocolates our dark chocolates are 100% dairy free. Our dark chocolates are made using traditional stone grinding processes and are true two-ingredient dark chocolates. Our dark chocolates are made simply with cocoa and sugar and are a great choice for dietary-conscious chocolate lovers who want to buy dairy free chocolate made in Australia.

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