Sugar Free Chocolates

Sugar Free Chocolates


Sugar Free Chocolate Australia

Pure chocolate has many health benefits. 17 Rocks’ pure, sugar-free chocolate offers a delicious alternative to standard dark and milk chocolate bars. Sugar-free chocolate with natural sweeteners offers a great choice for health-conscious chocolate lovers including diabetes chocolate lovers.


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If you’re looking to buy healthy sugar free chocolate in Australia you need to consider the percentage of cacao (cocoa mass plus cocoa butter), the type of sweetener and the roasting profile of the chocolate. True dark chocolate products contain anywhere from 70 to 100 percent cacao. The higher the percentage the more antioxidants and health benefits. But the quantity of cocoa mass and cocoa butter is only half the equation, as the rest of the dark chocolate composition is made up of sugar. So whilst a higher cacao content means a lower sugar content, true sugar-free chocolate has zero traditional sugars. So if you’re looking to buy sugar free chocolate in Australia, the range of sugar-free chocolates available at 17 Rocks varies from a milk and dark chocolates using natural sweetener alternatives up to the 100% cacao chocolate which does not contain any type of sweetener at all.

Enjoy your chocolate treats minus the sugar.

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