About Us - Queensland Chocolate Makers

Welcome to 17 Rocks Chocolates. We're a small independent OEM Australian chocolate factory that makes chocolate from imported cacao beans grown in Papua New Guinea. We have a small outlet store at our factory where the public are welcome to come and try our chocolate. Our visitors are immersed in the smell and taste of pure chocolate. The smells and sounds are always changing depending on what we're manufacturing. We could be roasting beans, grinding nibs, milling hot chocolate or tempering our delicious chocolate.

When we make our chocolate we limit the effects of the manufacturing on the super properties of the cacao. This is because both the genetic differences between cocoa varieties, the ingredients added and the methods used in the different stages of making chocolate effect the finished chocolate. Each of these must be carefully controlled to achieve high‐quality, nutritionally rich chocolate.

sorting and roasting

When making high quality, pure craft chocolate the first thing we need to consider is origin of the raw materials. The quality of the cacao is dependent on the variety of the bean, the climate and soil of where it's grown.

We focus on making healthy chocolate; yes there is such a thing. Our purest, healthiest chocolate is our 500BC bean to bar chocolates. Our 500BCs are inspired by the Maya people who are credited with developing the process of making pure chocolate, and in doing so, creating a world of chocolate lovers. Mayan chocolate is the foundation of the original 100% cacao dark chocolate we enjoy today.  

We offer two types of chocolates our 17 Rocks Volcanic Stone Ground Chocolate that is super smooth and creamy and comes in 16 different flavours and our 500BC healthy dark chocolates that come in four flavours. Our 500BC are inspired by the Mayans who were making chocolate 2500 years ago. Our pure cacao nibs remain crunchy with its nutty flavour and texture complemented with local Australian nuts, spices, fruit and sugar offering a delicious healthy chocolate alternative. We have created four delicious flavours of Chilli & Hazelnut, Banana & Peanut, Almond & Cinnamon and our latest Orange & Hazelnut. 

We also sell wholesale so have a look at our ever growing list of stockists.  As we are different from most other Chocolate Factories we've written a short story to explain what we do and and how we make our chocolate. 

We are a family business that makes stone-ground chocolate in our Queensland factory.
We source cacao beans from the volcanic valleys of northern Papua New Guinea and process these using traditional techniques to create unique chocolate flavours.
We focus on preserving the rich nutritional value of the cacao bean and only use natural flavours such as freeze dried fruits, roasted nuts and spices.
We roast our beans at a low temperature to minimise any chemical and physical changes, reducing the concentration of volatile acids (ie bitterness). We stone-grind the beans to release the cacao butter and create a delightful, smooth, rich and flavoursome chocolate.