3D Custom Chocolate Bars

 Giving is an art, & when done well it's always remembered as genuine token of appreciation. 

 17 Rocks offers you the ability to impress your special clients with a remarkable, unique gift as an honest gesture and reflection of your message with personalised craft chocolate.

Our team of designers and chocolate makers are skilled in creating special gifts that not only emphasise your message, but taste irresistibly delicious!

Custom chocolate designs from 17 Rocks are never forgotten, and your message is guaranteed to be shown off to friends and colleagues.

We can provide a wide range of size and presentation options to suit your budget, from small give-away bars up to multi-bar box sets and gift hampers for those extra special clients.

And better still, there is no minimum order. After your once-off mould set-up fee you can order as many or as few bars as you require. We think you'll find our custom designs surprisingly affordable!


To discover more about our custom chocolate gifts and discuss your requirements, simply contact us by phone on 07 3376 1900 or email hello@17rocks.com.